ࡱ> GIF_ Rbjbj825\5\Q  8d=!QQQQQ*  $"%l ! QQH ^QQ  Q070Sd$Ft  0!&j^&&"1 !& I S: Guidelines for the Application of 2018 Open Projects of State Key Laboratory for Strength and Vibration of Mechanical Structures (Xian Jiaotong University) In order to solve the key scientific problems and provide the core technologies in the high-end equipment designing and manufacturing, the State Key Laboratory for Strength and Vibration of Mechanical Structures (SV Lab) at Xian Jiaotong University will focus the researches on the common key issues in the whole life cycle management of mechanical structures design, manufacture, performance and maintenance, which include material and structural strength theory, large-scale structures vibration and control, complex system dynamics, structural defects detection, lightweight structures design, large-scale computing for complex structures, characteristics and prediction of vibration-noise-heat-overloading comprehensive mechanical environments, etc.. The purposes of SV Lab are to improve the inner quality, efficiency and design level of the mechanical structures so as to provide foundations for equipment safety, and to make contributions to promote strategic shift of the high-end equipment manufacturing industry in China from Made in China to Created in China. The operating principles of SV Lab are Open, Mobile, United and Competing. In order to achieve the overall development goals of Gathering first-class research group, building first-class research base, establishing first-class environment, producing first-class outputs, and fostering first-class talents, the SV Lab sincerely invites researchers in relevant areas from all over the world to apply for the open projects. The SV Lab will provide excellent research environments for the investigators. Application eligibility: All relevant researchers (Except permanent SV Lab researchers). Funding amount: around 100 thousands RMB. Funding period: 2 years (2018.11-2020.10). Funding research areas (but not limited to): (1) Strength theories and Failure mechanisms of solids; (2) Theories and methods for lightweight and multi-functional design of structures; (3) Vibration and noise of equipment structures under complex service environments; (4) Dynamics and vibration control of electromechanical systems; (5) New numerical computational methods and large-scale computing; (6) New experimental methods and technologies. Laboratory management committee will review all the project applications under the principles of "openness, fairness and justice. The funding will be provided after the SV Lab management committee approval. Anyone interested please read the guidelines carefully, fill in the , and send the soft copy of application form to svl@mail.xjtu.edu.cn before the deadline 10/31/2018. For approved projects, the applications should mail two hard copies of the application forms with signatures to the following address by the deadline 30/11/2018. Contact person: Wen Mao TEL/Mobile86-29-82663973, 86-13679272018 E-mail: svl@mail.xjtu.edu.cn Postal AddressSchool of Aerospace, Xi an Jiaotong University, No. 28, Xianning West Road, Xi'an, Shaanxi, 710049, P.R. China     %&'k   " $ ( = A J N X [ q x y z } raaaPPPPPP hoCmh:CJOJPJQJaJ hoCmh8 CJOJPJQJaJ hoCmhIKCJOJPJQJaJ hoCmhJCJOJPJQJaJ hoCmhCFCJOJPJQJaJ#hoCmh5CJOJPJQJaJ#hoCmh:5CJOJPJQJaJ#hoCmhtU5CJOJPJQJaJ#hoCmhN}5CJOJPJQJaJ#hoCmh$H:5CJOJPJQJaJ #Mx1 8rt@zdhWD^`gdl!dhWD^`gdf'hdhWD^`gd{U=dhWD^`gd=$2dhWDYD2^`2a$gdo}   6 = > D E d   S W ͼͼͼxggVg hoCmh6-CJOJPJQJaJ hoCmhgT8CJOJPJQJaJ hoCmhCJOJPJQJaJ hoCmhXCJOJPJQJaJ hoCmh8 CJOJPJQJaJ hoCmhJCJOJPJQJaJ hoCmhd4CJOJPJQJaJ hoCmhCFCJOJPJQJaJ hoCmhJCJOJPJQJaJ hoCmh,CJOJPJQJaJ    # . 4 ͼͼޫxgVgggg hoCmh=CJOJPJQJaJ hoCmh/CJOJPJQJaJ hoCmhaqCJOJPJQJaJ hoCmhJCJOJPJQJaJ hoCmh6-CJOJPJQJaJ hoCmh8 CJOJPJQJaJ hoCmh,CJOJPJQJaJ hoCmhgT8CJOJPJQJaJ hoCmhCFCJOJPJQJaJ hoCmhN}CJOJPJQJaJ         ! 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